I have a question regarding the header and footer. I am using memoir class and want to create a custom header which displays the name of the chapter. Below is the code I have so far, that doesnt show the chaptername. It seems to me that I have to define the \rightmark and \leftmark command, resp. but can I do this in a gerneric way ? Alternatively, when doing this:

\makeoddhead{pstest}{DUMMY ODD}{}{\thechapter}

then the number is printed, But how can output the name of the chapter ?



\makeevenfoot{pstest}{\thepage}{}{}%page numbers at the outside
\makeevenhead{pstest}{\leftmark}{}{DUMMY EVEN} % small caps
\makeoddhead{pstest}{DUMMY ODD}{}{\rightmark}





Thank you for any comments !

Edit 1: actually it seems that the \chaptername command gives just "chapter". Is this expected ?

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pstest does not tell the chapter what to provide for the header, so nothing is provided. See \makepsmarks in the manual. This article might also be helpful: http://tug.org/pracjourn/2008-2/madsen/

also there is no page style called section, so that alias is not relevant

  • brilliant ! a really helpful paper ! In the end I just copied the given example into a sty file and modified the parts I need. Thanks ! Commented Aug 23, 2012 at 9:30

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