How do I align a system of linear differential equations in latex? I can use

x_1'(t) = x_1(t)-x_2(t)+2x_3(t)\\
x_2'(t) = -2x_1(t)+5x_2(t)+2x_3(t)\\
x_3'(t) = 8x_1(t)-5x_2(t)-2x_3(t)\\

But I want the variables to line up better vertically with each x_i in its own column. I usually use the systeme package for this, but

\systeme{x_1'(t) = x_1(t)-x_2(t)+2x_3(t), x_2'(t) = -2x_1(t)+5x_2(t)+2x_3(t), x_3'(t) = 8x_1(t)-5x_2(t)-2x_3(t)}

gives me an error.

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    I don't think that systeme supports having the alignments after the equals sign. It's possible to have alignment if you are willing to have x_1(t)-x_2(t)_2x_3(t)=x_1'(t)
    – egreg
    May 11 at 8:45


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