I have this code that I modified from this link Simplest way to create a ring diagram in tikz with multiple connected rings?. My problem is when I shifted the shapes above the circle, there was still white space under the circle. Hope someone can help me remove the space.

% from https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/434247/121799
% from the pgfmanual
\def\polartransformation{% from the pgfmanual section 103.4.2
} % note: the following should work with arbitrary (nonlinear) transformations
%from https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/433461/121799
\sbox\untransformedtip{\tikz{\draw [thick,-latex] (0,0) -- (0,1);}}
\tikzset{rednode/.style={draw,blur shadow,fill=blue!40!black,align=center,
font=\sffamily,text opacity=0},
bluenode/.style={draw,blur shadow,fill=blue!10,align=center,
font=\sffamily,text opacity=0},
font=\sffamily,text opacity=0},
\newcommand{\BentNode}[5][]{% see https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/56405/121799
\path let \p1=(dummy.center) in 
\pgfextra{\settowidth{\mywidth}{\pgfinterruptpicture #5 #3\endpgfinterruptpicture}}
node[#1,minimum width={\mywidth*(2.06*28.4/\y1}](#2){};
\fill[decoration={text along path, text={|#5| #3},
  raise=-2.5pt,#4},decorate] (#2.east) -- (#2.west);

\node[circle,draw,fill=blue!10,align=center,drop shadow,text=black,inner
sep=1pt,font=\small\sffamily] (sensor)
\begin{scope}[transform shape nonlinear=true]
%% within the scope, think of the first coordinate as angle in radians rescaled 
%% by the radius, i.e. an arc length, and the second as radius
%% positioning is rather convenient except that "left" and "right" lose their meaning
\node (start)at(3.15,3.3){};
\BentNode[bluenode,minimum height=16pt,left=0.5cm of start]{short}{%
Short range systems}{text color=black}{\sffamily}
\BentNode[rednode,minimum height=16pt,right=-0.5cm of start]{medium}{%
Medium range systems}{text color=white}{\sffamily \large}
\BentNode[bluenode,minimum height=16pt,at={(3.15,5.3)}]{ultrashort}{%
Ultra short range systems}{text color=black}{\sffamily\small} %note: special characters need to be placed in curly brackets



  • 1
    Add overlay to the options of the \fill path of \BentNode (which can just be \path, no reason to use \fill). May 22 at 8:02
  • Thanks a lot the overlay worked very well. I changed \fill to \path and added overlay.
    – Diana
    May 23 at 4:07


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