I want to make a notation for a cycle ABC. Currently I'm using regular arrows over and underneath like in this example:



Using the cycle $\cycle{ABC}$.

Output of my current code

Is it possible to make the arrows slightly curved, like this crudely drawn example: enter image description here

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I found a solution based on this: Make \curvearrowright longer. I adapted it to both an arrow above and below the word.



\newcommand{\cycle}[1]{\stepcounter{cycle}\tikzset{tikzmark prefix=\thecycle}\tikzmark{start}#1\tikzmark{stop}\tikz[remember picture, overlay]{
% over arrow
\draw[->]([shift={(.5ex,2ex)}]pic cs:start) to[bend left=10] ([shift={(-.5ex,2ex)}]pic cs:stop);
% under arrow
\draw[->]([shift={(-.5ex,-.5ex)}]pic cs:stop) to[bend left=10] ([shift={(.5ex,-.5ex)}]pic cs:start)}}

Using the cycle \cycle{ABC}

This gives output: enter image description here

Within a block of text, this looks as follows: enter image description here

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