Consider the code:

\item Item 1
\item Item 2
\item Item 3

See also item [referenced \#, in this case \textbf{13}]

\item Item 4
\item Item 5
\item Item 6
\item Item 7
\item Item 8
\item Item 9
\item Item 10
\item Item 11
\item Item 12
\item Item 13 (to be referenced).
\item Item 14
\item Item 15

I would like to be able to reference a specific item number---in the MWE case--13

I know that if I wanted to reference a page number, I could do something along the lines of \pageref{Ref} and \label{Ref}.

QUESTION: Is there, perhaps, an analogous way to make reference to a specific item, so that in the case of the MWE, Latex automatically prints out "See also item 13"?

Thank you.


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The basic \label-\ref mechanism works like a charm for items in an enumerate-type list.

In the list part of the the document, just write

\item Item 12
\item \label{item:zzz} Item 13
\item Item 14

Elsewhere in the document, you'd write

... as shown in item \ref{item:zzz} above, ...

If you employ the cleveref package, you could write

... as shown in \cref{item:zzz} above, ...
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