This is essentially a modified question of 1 but with math fonts instead.

What I want is an AucTex command to add to my .emacs to do the following:

If I'm outside a math environment like equation or outside a pair of dollar signs $, If I press `1 C, $\mathbb{C}$@ is inserted in the buffer where @ denotes the position of the cursor. However, if I'm inside a math environment or inside a a pair of dollar signs, only \mathbb{C}@ is inserted. I want `2 C to do the same as `1 C but with \mathcal instead. The insertion of math fonts is very common, so this would save a bit of time. I tried modifying the answer of @giordano but I couldn't do it.

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Maybe you can use the font specifier facility provided by AUCTeX: When you're in math mode and you press C-c C-f C-a, it inserts \mathcal{@} and if you mark a portion of text, say C, and hit the keystroke, it inserts \mathcal{C@} (@ donates the cursor position). You get the same thing for \mathbb by hitting C-c C-f C-b. The keystrokes are stored in LaTeX-font-list which is pre-defined like this:

(defcustom LaTeX-font-list
  '((?\C-a ""              ""  "\\mathcal{"    "}")
    (?\C-b "\\textbf{"     "}" "\\mathbf{"     "}")
    (?\C-c "\\textsc{"     "}")
    (?\C-e "\\emph{"       "}")
    (?\C-f "\\textsf{"     "}" "\\mathsf{"     "}")
    (?\C-i "\\textit{"     "}" "\\mathit{"     "}")
    (?\C-l "\\textulc{"    "}")
    (?\C-m "\\textmd{"     "}")
    (?\C-n "\\textnormal{" "}" "\\mathnormal{" "}")
    (?\C-r "\\textrm{"     "}" "\\mathrm{"     "}")
    (?\C-s "\\textsl{"     "}" "\\mathbb{"     "}")
    (?\C-t "\\texttt{"     "}" "\\mathtt{"     "}")
    (?\C-u "\\textup{"     "}")
    (?\C-w "\\textsw{"     "}")
    (?\C-d "" "" t))
  "Font commands used with LaTeX2e.  See `TeX-font-list'.")
  • This is not exactly what I've asked but it's close. I think I should try to modify that TeX-font-list and/or LaTeX-font-list, right?
    – Zero
    Commented Jun 12, 2023 at 17:29

It turned out to be simpler than I thought. To get the desired effect with \mathcal, just add the following to .emacs

(defun my-LaTeX-math-cal (char dollar)
  (interactive "*c\nP")
  (if (texmathp)
      (LaTeX-math-cal char dollar)
    (LaTeX-math-cal char t))

and then bind my-LaTeX-math-cal to whatever shortcut. Similar things can be done for \mathbb and \mathfrak.

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