I have a table of contents and I use the glossaries package to make my glossaries. At some point in my code, I have the command \printglossary[type=glossarytype] which prints my glossary. The problem is the glossary word in my table of contents is not aligned with my chapters (which are numbered). I need my glossary entry in ToC to have a little space at the left, where would normally go a chapter number.

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Use the package option numberline (in addition to toc).



    description={solution able to conduct electric current}}




Some text about \gls{electrolyte}.



enter image description here


If you must have it like that, I guess you could remove [toc] from the package declaration; create a new chapter called 'Glossary' and \printglossary[type=glossarytype] there. There may be a "better" way, but that'd do it for ya.

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