All chapters begin a new page by default. I want to remove this break between two short chapters. By the nopagebreak doesn't work. What can be the cause? Is there another way to do that? I don't give all my code there, but I can write some details if needed.

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    Can you please provide an MWE that shows the behaviour? Jun 8 at 20:05
  • It would probably be easier to use a different level than \chapter. Jun 8 at 20:10
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    a \nopagebreak stops tex choosing a page break but it does not stop \clearpage issued by chapter from forcing break Jun 8 at 20:16
  • One possibility is to temporarily \let\clearpage\par and restore it after starting the new chapter. I am not sure if there will be side effects though. Jun 8 at 20:20
  • Related/duplicate: two chapters on same page in memoir
    – Werner
    Jun 8 at 22:28

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As said, chapter insert a \clearpage, so a simple approach is place the chapter title in a group where this command if redefined to just make a paragraph break, some ornament or whatever that you want. After the group, the old definition of \clearpage is still in effect, so next chapters will start in new pages.



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