I have to change my counter level from 4 to 2 and now the theorems increase the section counter. I am using amsmath and amsthm packages, my old counter code is:

\theoremstyle{definition} % Defi style
\newtheorem{defi}[subsubsection]{Definition} % defi
\newtheorem{bei}[subsubsection]{Beispiel} % beispiel
\theoremstyle{theorem} % Satz style
\newtheorem{satz}[subsubsection]{Satz} % Satz = Theorem
\newtheorem{lem}[subsubsection]{Lemma} % lemma
\newtheorem{kor}[subsubsection]{Korollar} % korollar
\newtheorem{prin}[subsubsection]{Prinzip} % prinzip
\theoremstyle{remark} % bemerkung style
\newtheorem*{bem}{Bemerkung} % bemerkung

I would like to have the following count:

1 Chapter
  1.1 Section
    1.1 Definition
    1.1.1 Subsection
      1.2 Definition
      1.3 Theorem
      1.4 Example
      1.5 Definition
    1.1.2 Subsection
      1.6 Theorem
  1.2 Section
2 Chapter
  2.1 Theorem
  2.1 Section

The counter should be continuous and should not affect the chapter counter.

Thanks in advance!!!

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You may want to double check your documentation. It's \newtheorem{internaleName}[sharedCounter]{displayedText}[parentCounter]. With \newtheorem{internaleName}[subsubsection]{displayedText}, you're saying you want the theorem to share the same counter as the subsubsections, so that they get incremented with each use.

Instead, you want \newtheorem{defi}{Definition}[chapter], so that the counter starts over with each chapter (and the numbering is chapterNumber.defiNumber). Subsequent commands would then be \newtheorem{bei}[defi]{Beispiel} so that it uses the same counter.

  • Thanks that helped a lot!
    – sp8cky
    Commented Jun 10, 2023 at 14:52

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