I recently manage to get a local table of contents for my \appendix with the package minitoc but I want to change the name of it to make difference between the \parttoc of my \appendix and the beginning \parttoc.

How can I rename \parttoc? Note that I added the following command in my preamble: \usepackage[english]{babel}

Here is my minimal working example:

%%%%%%%%% preamble %%%%%%%
\addto{\captionsenglish}{\renewcommand{\mtctitle}{Table of Contents}}
\renewcommand \thepart{}

%%%%%%%%% document %%%%%%%%


\addto{\captionsenglish}{\renewcommand{\mtctitle}{Contents of Appendices}}
\section{appendix test}


enter image description here

Unfortunately, the name of my minitoc didn't change for the appendix and I'm quite sure that "Table of Contents" is the default name and my command \addto{\captionsenglish}{\renewcommand{\mtctitle}{Table of Contents}} didn't change a thing.

Can you help me to change this minitoc name?


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Within the body of the document, use \renewcommand{\ptctitle}{Contents of Appendices} (without \addto{captionsenglish}), or else (if you need to manage multi-lingual captions) \renewcommand{\ptctitle}{Contents of Appendices}} \selectlanguage\english

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