I'd like track my LaTeX projects using git, especially when collaborating with other authors. I'd also like to track my texmf directory in a separate git repository. My desire is to add my texmf repository as a git submodule to each LaTeX project. However, I can't figure out how to tell latexmk (really, pdflatex) to see my project-local texmf.

Ultimately, I want my LaTeX projects to be standalone, i.e. they depend on nothing other a TeX Live install and the files in the project directory so they can seamlessly be compiled on different machines or in a CI pipeline. How can this be done?

Note: I have tried the solutions presented in similar questions, e.g. here (the TEXMFHOME environment variable seems to be ignored) and here (requires updating system texmf.cnf), to no success so far.



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