In the TiKz-Manual it says:

... that LaTeX has two commands called \thinlines and \thicklines and that \thinlines gives the line width of “normal” lines, more precisely, of the thickness that, say, the stem of a letter like “T” or “i” has.

Is there a similar command in ConTeXt to get the stem width of i,T of a font? I would like to have a consistent line width in my MetaPost drawings and the used font.

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Note that LaTeX does not use the current width of the stem of T; rather it uses \fontdimen8 of line10 font which is equal to the width of the stem of T for computer modern fonts. You can copy the LaTeX definition in ConTeXt

\font\tenln  line10   
\font\tenlnw linew10


   \halfwidth .5\wholewidth}

   \halfwidth .5\wholewidth}

  draw fullcircle xyscaled (1cm,1cm) withpen pencircle scaled \the\wholewidth

Thinlines: \thinlines

Thicklines: \thicklines


which gives

enter image description here

Note For some reason, the above code does not work with MkIV. I don't know why that is the case.

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