If I enumerate like this

\textbf{Problem 1}
\item Random Text
\item Random Text
\item Random Text

then how can I accomplish to write something at the left of the labels on the margin, like 8 pts and 9 pts in the following picture:


  • Did you copy this code snippet from the actual exam? If so, can you make use of the remaining code to generate the desired layout?
    – Mico
    Jul 20 at 13:49
  • @Mico I wrote down what is written in the exam (I added a picture) Jul 20 at 14:37
  • 1
    @Mico Yes, sorry, I refer to the bold caraters 8 pts, etc. I would like to do this. Jul 20 at 15:50

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Since the points may change on an \item-by-\item basis, insert the points manually via \insertpts{<num>} below:

enter image description here



\NewDocumentCommand{\insertpts}{ m }{%
  \makebox[0pt][r]{\small\bfseries #1 pts\hspace{3em}}%

\noindent \textbf{Problem 1}
  \item \insertpts{9}
  Random Text
  \item \insertpts{8}
  Random Text
  \item \insertpts{7}
  Random Text


You can adjust the font specifications (currently set to \small\bfseries) and the gap by adjusting the elements inside \hspace (currently set to 3em).

  • That's brilliant!
    – Clément
    Aug 31 at 15:11

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