I want to create a solution environment that works somehow like this:

If at the beginning of the document, solutions are TRUE I want to show the text in the environment and be highlithed. If it is FALSE, the environment should pretend as if there is no text at all.

Is there any possibility to create such an environment?

  • Have a look at ctan.org . There are some packages doing that. Look for package comment and related topics, if I remember correctly.
    – MS-SPO
    Aug 19 at 6:03

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Here are a couple of available packages you may choose from.

Topic conditional compilation

Here you see package comment, as I mentioned. However, there may be packages better suited for your unvoiced needs. condcomp

Package codesection

Does exactly what you described:


Package multiaudience

It seems to be quite similar:


Package censor

As known from film, Muller report and similar documents:


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