I am using the symbol \sagittarius from wasysym in math mode, and it does not resize appropriately e.g. when it appears in a subscript or superscript. How can I fix this?

This question is a special case (not a duplicate) of this one.

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The wasysym package allocates a symbol font, but doesn't declare all symbols as math ones, only those that the author deemed likely to be useful as math symbols.

You can supplement the list:

\DeclareMathSymbol\sagitmath  {\mathord}{wasy}{99} %or \mathbin or \mathrel ...

$\sagitmath a^{\sagitmath^{\sagitmath}} b_{\sagitmath}$

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The symbol \sagittarius, like other astrology symbols in wasysym, works both in text and in math mode. While the math mode version does not scale appropriately, the text one does, so you could use:


Now $a_\sagittariusmath$ will look better than $a_\sagittarius$.

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