I'm trying to make a function that given 2 paths would draw all the lines that are common tangents of them.

More specifically I was trying to draw the common tangent of 2 ellipses so that it would look like a projected view of a cone or a cylinder. Something like this:

enter image description here

What I've tried: I followed another post here that given a point drew the tangent of a path, With that, I can manually pick a point on the second path that looks like the tangent, but how can I do it automatically and actually correct? I'm not very familiar with the whatever operator or the MetaFont solve macro but I think I could use them as an answer.

The body of the function would have something like this:

pair T,V,X,Y; path P,W;

P:=fullcircle scaled 100; W:=fullcircle scaled 200 shifted (400,100);
T:= point 2.5 of W; %Hand picked point on path W
V:= point 6 of W; %Hand picked point on path W

draw P withpen pencircle scaled 10;
draw W withpen pencircle scaled 10;

vardef f(expr t) = angle direction t of P - angle (T - point t of P) < eps enddef;

X = point solve f (11, 10) of P;
Y = point solve f (9, 14.5) of P;

draw X -- T withpen pencircle scaled 5 withcolor red;
draw Y -- V withpen pencircle scaled 5 withcolor red;

Which led to the result above.

Edit: To make myself more clear, I'm looking for the tangent of a generic curve and not only circles, example:

enter image description here

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I don't think tangents to arbitrary Bezier curves is very easy geometrically. But here is a toy example that might provide a starting point.

  path a, b;
  a = origin .. (40, 20) .. (80, -30) .. (50, -60);
  b = (50, 90) .. (90, 50) .. (200, 20) .. (240, 50);

  for t = 0 step 1/64 until length a:
    numeric u; u = directiontime direction t of a of b;
    if u > 0:
      numeric aa;
      aa = abs(angle direction t of a - angle (point u of b - point t of a));
      if aa < 1:
        draw point t of a -- point u of b withcolor 3/4 red;
  drawarrow a;
  drawarrow b;

Compile this with lualatex to get a PDF that looks like this:

enter image description here

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