My Latex project is organized like this:

In my root Latex folder there is a root latex file named main.tex. In the same folder there is a subfolder pictures which contains 2 files named test.tex and test.pdf.

Problem occurs when in first file main.tex i input second file test.tex using \input{./pictures/test.tex}.

But in second file test.tex there is a line which includes a third file test.pdf. This is done using \includegraphics{test.pdf} (I cant change this as it is an output from a third party software)

Because test.tex gets inputed in main.tex, test.tex cannot find test.pdf with a \includegraphics{test.pdf}. It could find it if i could modify this line into \includegraphics{./pictures/test.pdf}, but i can not do this.

What are my options if i can only modify main.tex?




to your document preamble. This will add pictures/ to the search path for graphics if the image included is not found in the root folder. See Importing graphics from “somewhere else” on the UK TeX FAQ.

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