Recently, after more than a year, I update my MikTex packages. After that, I notice that XeLaTeX makes PDF differently, in the sense that en-dash and em-dash ligatures don't work properly if they starts after a letter (they work after the space). I install TexLive 2023, but on my computer it also has the same problem. However, Overleaf's TexLive works fine. Any idea what kind of a collision I have on my computer? Unfortunately, I use Windows 10, so many linux solutions don't work for me. Here is a minimal example:

\newfontfamily{\serbianfont}[Mapping=ascii-to-serbian, Script=Cyrillic, Language=Serbian, Ligatures=TeX]{Noto Serif}
dash - en dash -- em dash --- works

dash-en dash--em dash---doesn't work
  • I can confirm that this issue also arises on an up-to-date MacTeX/TeXLive distribution.
    – Mico
    Sep 7 at 4:50


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