I'm not sure how to add orcid for Lni style.

\usepackage{orcidlink} results in Option clash for package hyperref. \begin{document}



results in a bunch of Undefined control sequence all over the doc.

Did anyone manage to include it?

  • Did you try to put the \usepackage top most or even \RequirePackage{orcidlink} before the \documentclass?
    – Arne
    Sep 14 at 10:35
  • yes, no success. Still complains about clash for package hyperref. I don't include it, so it's probably somewhere inside the lni class
    – pintor
    Sep 14 at 10:40

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orcidlink loads package hyperref without option, but lni wants to load hyperref with option bookmarks=false via \AtEndPreamble, after it has been loaded by orcidlink (without option). This fails. Unfortunately adding bookmarks=false to the global options (aka optional argument of \documentclass) does not help in this case. But using \PassOptionsToPackage{bookmarks=false}{hyperref} before \documentclass does work:





Using \AtEndPreamble to load orcidlink would also work, because in this case it is loaded after hyperref (from within lni) and loading a package without option, that already has been loaded with option, is valid.





See the etoolbox manual for more information about \AtEndPreamble.

Please note: This answer does not constitute an opinion as to the acceptability by the GI of documents prepared using any of the suggestions.

  • Thank you! It works perfectly
    – pintor
    Sep 14 at 12:44

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