I am using Curve CV template to create a resume, and settings in the below MWE comes from there. There are two problems:

  1. Using @reference sends year to the end, while I have the year in parentheses following authors in other reference styles, like article.
  2. When note is used, it appears twice in the reference, (see Accepted as an example).

While the second one is not vital, the first one is a layout breaker. Any suggestions?

When I change @conference to @inproceedings, both problems get resolved. However, the reference then appears under Journal Articles section.


\PassOptionsToPackage{style=apa,sorting=ydnt,defernumbers=true, uniquelist=true}{biblatex}



\mynames{Doe\bibnamedelima John,
  Doe/\bibnamedelimi J.}

  \LARGE\bfseries\sffamily\Huge{John Doe}
  \makefield{\faEnvelope[regular]}{\href{mailto:[email protected]}{\texttt{[email protected]}}}


%%%%%%%%%%%% JOURNAL PAPERS %%%%%%%%%%%%%
  title={My Journal Paper},
  author={Doe, John},
  journal={Top Journal},
%%%%%%%%%%% WORK IN PROGRESS %%%%%%%%%%%%
  title={My Work In Progress},
  author={Doe, John and Roberts, Julia},
  note = {[In Progress]},
  year = {2027}
%%%%%%%%%%% CONFERENCE PAPERS %%%%%%%%%%%
  title={My Conference Paper},
  author={Doe, John and Roberts, Julia},
  year = {2026},
  booktitle = {A Conference Proceedings},
  note = {Accepted}
%%%%%%%%%%%%% PRESENTATIONS %%%%%%%%%%%%%
  title={A Nice Presentation It Was},
  author={Doe, John},
  year = {2018}


\makerubrichead{Research Publications}
\printbibliography[heading={subbibliography},title={Journal Articles},type=article]

\printbibliography[heading={subbibliography},title={Conference Proceedings (Full Papers)},type=inproceedings]

\printbibliography[heading={subbibliography},title={In Progress and Submitted Manuscripts},type=unpublished]

\makerubrichead{Conference Presentations}



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