when I tried to render the document in texlive 2023 with xelatex compiler:




    \num{1.654 x 2.34 x 3.430}\\


shows error:

! Package siunitx Error: Invalid number '1.654 x 2.34 x 3.430'.

what should I do to fixed this issue? I have tried to tweak to * but still did not fixed this issue:

! Package siunitx Error: Invalid number '1.654 * 2.34 * 3.430'.
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    Why do you think that you can use x syntax in \num? The siunitx manal mentions \numproduct for that.
    – daleif
    Sep 27, 2023 at 9:11

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You will have v3 of siunitx which in contrast to v2 doesn't support products in \num. You need to use \numproduct for these cases:

\numproduct{1.654 x 2.34 x 3.430}

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