If I try to use \cdot in my .tex document (moderncv) then I'm getting error like this:

! Missing $ inserted.
(inserted text)

This line have this structure:

\tlcventry[orange]{year}{0}{DESC_1}{\href{http://DESC_1}{DESC_1} \cdot \href{http://DESC_1}{DESC_1}}{DESC_1}{ \scriptsize{\underline{\textbf{DESC_1}}} }{DESC_COMMENT}

When I remove \cdot from it, then my document compiles sucessfully.

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    as the error message says, \cdot is a math command, you have to use it in math mode: $\cdot$
    – Juri Robl
    Sep 2, 2012 at 11:08

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The command \cdot works only in mathmode so type $\cdot$. By the way the error message gave you the correct hint.

\tlcventry[orange]{year}{0}{DESC_1}{\href{http://DESC_1}{DESC_1}$\cdot$ \href{http://DESC_1}{DESC_1}}{DESC_1}{ \scriptsize{\underline{\textbf{DESC_1}}} }{DESC_COMMENT}

As others have said, \cdot only works in math mode, so you can write $\cdot$.

However, a more elegant solution in my opinion is to use \textbullet, which is the equivalent of \cdot but for text mode.

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    \textbullet isn't exactly the equivalent. It gives a different shape, especially in moderncv: for example, under the banking style, it's redefined to be a filled square.
    – wchargin
    Nov 23, 2014 at 19:51

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