Is it possible to have two citation styles in the same document separated by two refsegments? I'd like to have in the first segment a numeric style, as is in the MWE below, and in the second segment an authoryear style.

Here is a M(non-)WE.

    author    = {Author Aaa},
    title     = {Some Title},
    publisher = {Some Publisher},
    year      = 2003
     author    = {Author Bbb},
    title     = {Some Title},
    publisher = {Some Publisher},
    year      = 2002

I want the citations to be in numeric in this segment as is.

Is there a way to change the citation style from numeric to authoryear in this new refsegment? 

The answers that I found here and there are not satisfactory. May be I missed a satisfactory answer? Thanks for helping.


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