It runs ok, but there are error warnings: there is a "missing number, treated as zero" and "Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted)." on line 94 (log).

\margins/1 (6,9)in (0.5,0.5,0.5,0.75)in




\def\ltable{\bgroup \let\_tablebox=\egroup \table} % the \vbox is deactivated

%%%%%%%%%%%%% TOC definitions %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\leftskip1em\_it\_llaptoclink{#1}{#2}\_nobreak\_tocdotfill  \_pgn{#3}\_tocpar}



\_def\_printchap #1{\_vfill\_supereject
\_vglue \vskip 32pt %\_medskipamount % shifted by topkip+\medskipamount
%{\_chapfont \_noindent \_mtext{chap} \_printrefnum[@]\_par
%\_noindent \_raggedright #1\_nbpar}\_mark{}%
\vcent\tabskipl=0pt plus1fil \tabskipr=\tabskipl}
 \ltable to\hsize{p{3cm\fR}|p{5cm}}{    \Black\caps\setletterspace{5}\rm\_ifnonum\_else\_mtext{chap} \_fi
     \_printrefnum[@] & \Black #1 %\_strut\_nbpar
\_nobreak \_belowtitle{\vskip 32pt}%\_bigskip
\xdef\headchap{\_ifnonum\else\_thechapnum. \fi}\global\addto\headchap{#1} 
\headline={\lower4pt\null\vadjust{\Grey \hrule height 3pt width \hsize}
\kern-.5em\ifodd\pageno~\headchap\hfil \folio \else ~\folio\hfil\firstmark\fi}%

% heachap code from ctustyle3.tex from https://gitlab.fit.cvut.cz/barlaada/tex


\chap Do arquivo headers eu peguei o código acima e então escrevi um baita parágrafo para este teste e tal


  • by \_vglue \vskip 32pt did you mean \_vglue 32pt?
    – Udi Fogiel
    Commented Oct 20, 2023 at 23:13

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The problem is with the line \_vglue \vskip 32pt. \vglue is a plain TeX macro that accepts a glue, the definition of \vglue is similar in OpTeX. It expands to \_afterassignment\_vglA \_skip0=, so essentially you have \_skip0=\vskip, which causes the error, as you can only assign glue to a \skip register.

It can be easily fixed by changing the problematic line to \_vglue 32pt.

  • Thank you for the explanation. It worked fine.
    – user574859
    Commented Oct 20, 2023 at 23:41

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