I know there are some posts on this but I don't understand. So for instance I want to know which package contains \restatable.

I've tried \show\restatable but I don't understand what the relevant part of the log file

> \restatable=\long macro:
->\thmt@thisistheonetrue \thmt@restatable .
l.482 \show\restatable


I've found some posts about latexdef but I don't know how that will work in a document.

Loaded packages:

\newcommand{\mypara}[1]{\noindent{\bfseries #1.}}


The rest are in the siamart190516.cls

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    Please tell us which packages you load. (Who knows, \restatable may be defined in more than one package...)
    – Mico
    Oct 30, 2023 at 6:45
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    @Mico added packages
    – Hao S
    Oct 30, 2023 at 7:05

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Using \show you got

->\thmt@thisistheonetrue \thmt@restatable .

which looks like the package prefix in use is thmt. Then looking at your preamble we see thmtools - that looks likely for the prefix. Reading thmtools.sty we see thmt@ in use but no \restatable. However, looking at all of the files that come with thmtools, in thm-restate.sty there is:


This will define \restatable and \endrestatable, so we have found the (likely) source.

  • Do you mean thmtools? I don't see a thmt package.
    – Hao S
    Oct 30, 2023 at 7:31
  • 2
    Like I said, we see the prefix thmt and we think 'ah, that might be thmtools: package prefixes in code are often shorter than the full package name
    – Joseph Wright
    Oct 30, 2023 at 7:49

One way to get a clue which package defines or redefines a command is to plant \show-commands in various places and look what changes. E.g. this




gives (shortened)

> \restatable=undefined.
l.24 \show\restatable

> \restatable=undefined.
l.26 \show\restatable

(.../thmtools.sty  more files ) 
> \restatable=\long macro:
->\thmt@thisistheonetrue \thmt@restatable .
l.28 \show\restatable

and so a good clue that thmtools is involved.

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