I would like to add some vertical space in my document without affecting the alignment and format of the sentences before the space.

What exactly I do is :

\textbf{Some text} \years{2010-Expected December 2012} \\ 

Now the output i get has an additional sapce before sometext2. It looks something like this:



As it can be seen the space gets added after sometext2 but there an extra space that is created before sometext2, Which I would like to remove. As i am working on my Resume, I would obviously like it to be perfect.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


The space comes from the word space so you could remove it by using a % after the \vspace but really you don't want to be using \vspace mid-paragraph at all like this. You could use \\[1.5mm] to get a line break with extra space but why all the forced line breaks, this looks suspiciously as if it should be an itemized or description list of some sort.

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