I just realized that an empty minipage does not work as a placeholder since it neglects the specified width. Adding, for example, a \strut achieves the desired result. Maybe someone can enlighten me why some phantom element is needed here and whether or not a \strut is what you should use in this case.

Disclaimer: I am not actually looking for an alternative to using minipage. I am just curious about the reasons why it doesn't work as I expected it to work.





    % Placing a \strut here, the width would be respected


enter image description here

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    Just as an observation \leavevmode also works as material to get the box to "be there"
    – daleif
    Nov 8, 2023 at 8:44

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The width argument is used to set \hsize locally, that is the width used for linebreaking. So if you have any horizontal materal in the content, it will cause a paragraph and at least one line wiill be \hsize wide (or over-full).

If there is no content (or more specifically no horizontal mode) then the box will be the width of its content, which will be 0pt, for an empty box

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