I have this LaTex code:

\begin{tabular}{ c c c }
 cell1 & cell2 & cell3 \\ 
 cell4 & cell5 & cell6 \\  
 cell7 & cell8 & cell9    


It produces this when I run tex4ebook (works fine with pdflatex, but I'm making an ebook):

epub with just hello and goodbye

Why can't I see a table?

I have searched the tex4ebook issues for tabular and found nothing similar. This question looks similar but turns out to be about a slightly different package.

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This turns out to be a problem with the ebook viewer I was using.

Sudo apt install mupdf 

installs the (1.19.0+ds1-2) version of mupdf, which doesn't show the tables but building version 1.23 from source does. (The tables also show up fine in calibre's ebook viewer and Amazon's kindle previewer)

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