Although in multicol environment (not the twocolumn option in document class) is problematic to place floats, there are some ways to put figures within a single column or occupying the entire width of the text. (That is not the problem)

But how manage figures that must be fitted in 2 columns when there are 3 columns? (ie, images fitted to about 0.65\textwidth after a \begin{multicols}{3}). There are some solution with or without multicol package?

This is a usual design in some books and journals and it is hard to believe that there are no document class, packages nor some clever trick to obtain this. For a single page I suppose that doing some ad hoc manual arrangements, with minipages for example, might be enough, but for a large document this approach would be a torture, so my question is about a general solution.


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In case that might be useful for someone, here are a MWE using flowfram as suggested by Stephan Lehmke. Is not comparable to a elegant float of width = n-x columns, but solved the problem. enter image description here

\usepackage[demo]{graphicx} % Demo for MWE









\title{\textbf{Flowfram demo}}
\author{by Fran}



{\color{blue} The dummy text of this MWE flow freely
through three columns in four pages. In pages 1 and 3 the
two landscape images have a width of two columns.}


\caption{This is a float -- here -- figure.}

{This is a non float image in a static frame.}

{This is another landscape in another static frame.}


\caption{Other float -- here (bottom) -- figure.}



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