I am creating a babel .ini file for my language, and I want to create an accompanying document that lists all strings defined in the said file. For captions, I can do this by calling \[key]name (e.g., \prefacename).

    \item[#1] \expandafter\csname#1name\endcsname\relax%

    % More strings

Is there a way I can do this for date.gregorian? I would like to be able to print the wide, abbreviated, and narrow strings. I have tried \monthiname, etc. but I get an "Undefined control sequence" error message.

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You can retrieve them with \getlocaleproperty. For example and with an existing locale:


\usepackage[spanish, provide=*]{babel}





will print:


The first argument is set to the value of the key in the last argument (the section and the key are separated with /).

  • Thank you for this! I'd like to add that the captions must be loaded via provide=* package option or \babelprovide. Nov 21 at 13:24

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