Is there any way to get preview.el to display graphics for units expressed using the macros of siunitx? I have succeeded in getting equations and tikz drawings displayed in preview-latex, convincing me that my setup for preview.el is correct, but so far units do not get transformed into images.

As an example, when I try to preview qty{3}{\newton}, I would like it to be displayed in Emacs as "3 N", but instead it just appears as "qty{3}{\newton}". The output of pdfLaTeX does display it correctly.

I'm using Auctex version 13.2.2. My version of siunitx.el is dated 2023, but doesn't give a version number. A comment in the file states that it supports siunitx.sty version 3.0.36 of 2021/22/18 [sic]. My version of siunitx.sty is 3.3.9 of 2023-11-14.

Additional note: the preview.el file is dated 2022, but does not appear to contain an explicit version number.


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