I am trying to compile a very old document (c. 1995) which used \documentstyle[aps,eqsecnum,prc]{revtex} -- is there anywhere I can download such a style file?


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This would probably be REVTeX 3. REVTeX 3.1 (c. 1996) can be found at http://mirrors.ctan.org/obsolete/macros/latex209/contrib/revtex.zip, and while written for LaTeX2.09 the README gives instructions for running under LaTeX2e as it was back in the 1990s, these may well no longer work on a current system.

Old TeX Live versions are available through https://tug.org/historic/ and the 1996 TeX Live ISO may do the job (and probably contains REVTeX 3.1).

REVTeX 4.0 (c. 2000) is also obsolete now, but contains instructions for moving from REVTeX 3.1 to REVTEX 4.0 at http://mirrors.ctan.org/obsolete/macros/latex/contrib/revtex4-0/differ.tex (it appears to exist online in compiled form in a few random places turned up by search engines). In theory any REVTeX 4.0 document should then run on the latest REVTeX 4.2 on a recent TeX Live.

Of course depending on what other packages and macros are used within the document there may be other (REVTeX-independent) issues compiling on a more recent distribution.

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