I want to change the color between the active and not active menu. I can't get it to work! Its too grey. My active font is white, the not active is a little bit grey... I want it whiter...

my LaTeX code:

\definecolor{mycolor}{RGB}{0, 94, 156}

% Set up color for header and footer

\setbeamercolor{palette primary}{fg=mycolor,bg=white}

\setbeamercolor{palette secondary}{fg=white,bg=mycolor}

\setbeamercolor{section in head/foot}{parent=palette secondary}

\setbeamercolor{subsection in head/foot}{parent=palette secondary}

I tried \setbeamertemplate{section in head/foot shaded}[default][10] already but it didnt work. It has no effect?!


The whole code:

My test document:


    \setbeamercovered{transparent = 28}





\setbeamertemplate{section in head/foot shaded}[default][10]

either in the file beamerthemeutlsb.styright before \mode<all> or in your test .tex file like this

    \setbeamercovered{transparent = 28}
    \setbeamertemplate{section in head/foot shaded}[default][10]

produces the desired effect; here's an image of the headline I obtained from your test file showing the sections with the desired shading (I used the demo option for graphicx since I didn't have your logos):

enter image description here

As you can see, section "AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA" is fully visible and section "WWWW WWWW WWWW WWWW" is below and almost invisible.

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