I am new to texlive. After I downloaded the files from ACM website:

Alternate ACM LaTeX2e Style File V2.5 (MAY 2012 CLS)
Alternate ACM LaTeX2e Sample File V2.0 (MAY 2012 LaTeX)
ACM LaTeX2e Sample BIB File
Graphic #1 (EPS)
Graphic #2 (EPS)
Graphic #3 (PS)

I used command pdflatex sig-alternate.tex. I got an error as below:

! LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .ps.

While if I use latex sig-alternate.tex. The compilation can be done, but with some warnings like:

No file sig-alternate.bbl.

I have the file sigproc.bib.

And I couldn't open the generated sig-alternate.dvi with preview. After dvipdf sig-alternate.dvi, I found the references section is missing.

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It seems the sigproc.bib file needs to be compiled between two runs of the latex, using the following command:

latex sig-alternate
bibtex sig-alternate
latex sig-alternate

Note that neither command bibtex sigproc.bib or bibtex sig-alternate.tex would work.

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