I tried to use the setup from here together with bonus-points, however it doesn't seem to work, it just prints 0 for the bonus points. How can I fix this?

\usepackage{exsheets}[2015/11/18]% need v0.20

% define a new heading container which fetches the points of a question:

% define a variant of the `block' heading which uses the new container instead
% of the usual one for points:
  join   = { title[r,B]number[l,B](1ex,0pt) } ,
  attach = {
     main[l,vc]title[l,vc](0pt,0pt) ;

% setup exsheets to use the new heading:
  headings = myblock ,
  question/print=true ,


    \item \addpoints{1}
    Question 1
    \item \addpoints{2}
    Question 2

    \item \addpoints{3}
    Question II.1
    \item \addpoints{4}
    Quesion II.2

\begin{question}{+3} %% This doesn't work
Bonus Question

\totalpoints %% This works

  • You can look at xsim package which is successor to exsheets. In the manual you find examples of bonus points.
    – Krishna
    Commented Feb 29 at 1:33
  • @Krishna But how to replicate the rest of my example with xsim?
    – Julia
    Commented Mar 5 at 7:28


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