I am trying to change the number of names printed in a local bibliography using maxbibnames, but it throws an error ("Package keyval Error: maxbibnames undefined."). What am I doing wrong?

Here's an MWE:


  author = {Anderson, Alice},
  title = {Generic Article Title A},
  journal = {Journal},
  year = {2022},
  author = {Anderson, Alice and Author, Bob},
  title = {Generic Article Title B},
  journal = {Journal},
  year = {2024},
  author = {Campbel, Carol and Author, Dave},
  title = {Generic Article Title C},
  journal = {Journal},
  year = {2024},



    \printbibliography[heading=none, maxbibnames=1]


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See Appendix E of the biblatex manual which shows the valid scopes of all options. maxbibnames is not an option to \printbibliography. It can be set globally, per-type or per-entry.

  • Thank you. That's a shame though. I wonder why that is. Can you explain what per-entry means/how you implement it?
    – mapf
    Jan 16 at 12:25
  • Nevermind, I think I got it now using the "options" key in the bib-entries.
    – mapf
    Jan 16 at 12:35

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