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I'm in a situation where I need to fit a full width (i.e. paper wide) table into a single page multicolumn document and there seems to be some underlying conflict with the table* environment and the \maketitle command.

What I would like is:

  • Primarily help with getting the table onto the first page
  • Secondly getting some understanding on why there is a problem in the first place

Here is a MWE


      col 1 & col 2\\
      val 1 & val 2\\


This results in a two page pdf where the table is on the second page, and I need it on the first page. To avoid posting something that has already been solved somewhere on StackExchange I looked around a bit and have found a couple of related posts, a few are these

and I've tried the proposed solutions to no avail. The last in the list states that for table* environments only t (top of page) and p (end of document) are allowed and my problem might have something to do with this.

So hopefully someone here can provide a solution, and if this is not even possible to do that would also be good to know.

In either case, thanks for your time and help!



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