I am working on a XeLaTeX document. I am almost done with my document, but I need to input text from a foreign language. I am running Mac OS X. I go to Preferences > Language & Text and in there I enable Gurmukhi - QWERTY. This allows me to input Punjabi characters, which I am able to see in MS Word. I want to input the following unicode characters:

ਰੋਂਦਾ ਬੱਚਾ  ਿੲਕ

However, when I simply paste it into my TeXworks file, it simply does not show up when I compile a PDF file. I have indeed tried to google this, but came up with nothing other than adding some of these statements to my preamble. I am pretty desperate at this point.

My preamble already looks like this:

\documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} %options: [a4paper, leqno, 11pt]

% -----Page Style-------------

% -----Symbols----------------


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You need to load a font which contains these characters. Load an appropriate font using \setmainfont and all should be well.

  • someone by jleedev was able to solve my problem, suggesting I do this: \newfontfamily\gu{Gurmukhi MT} \begin{document} {\gu ਰੋਂਦਾ ਬੱਚਾ ਿੲਕ} It worked perfectly. Dec 14, 2010 at 10:06

If you don’t want to (or can’t) use the same font for both alphabets, I think you have to explicitly choose the font when you need it.

\newfontfamily\gu{Gurmukhi MT}
{\gu ਰੋਂਦਾ ਬੱਚਾ  ਿੲਕ}

(On Mac you can use “Gurmukhi MT”; FreeSans and FreeSerif also contain the glyphs.)

Also: The inputenc package warns that it should not be loaded as XeTeX already uses UTF8.

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