I have some file foo-<YYYY>.tex which I update every year and is located in the following path:


My MiKTeX configuration contains the previous path in its list of TEXMF root directories:

<path 1>
<path 2>
<path 4>

Finally, the 2023 version is used as an input to file bar.tex located in C:\Git\directory\subdirectory\subsubdirectory. The specific code is:


Now, the problem is as follows: I have just created a 2024 version by simply copy-pasting the 2023 version, and kept it in the same location as foo-2023.tex, however when I try to use the new version...

% \input{foo-2023.tex}

... Latex is unable to find foo-2024.tex and throws.

I suspect the above is happening because Latex is searching somewhere else than C:\Git\directory\texmf\tex\latex\folder when I use command \input{} however I am unable to see any such configuration in the Latex file. I am also not sure how to investigate this; I have gone through the log but there are no indications near where the error is shown.

Why is my new Latex file not being found, and how can I know in which location \input{} is searching for the file?

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    I don't think this will answer your question, but a file like this should go in texmf-local (possibly C:\Git\directory\texmf-local). That way, your next TeX update won't overwrite your personal file.
    – Teepeemm
    Feb 6 at 19:15
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    Seems foo-2024.tex is not in the same directory/folder as bar.tex but is in a directory/folder which is in the list of TEXMF root directories. So you may need to refresh the file name database of MiKTeX. Feb 6 at 19:16
  • @UlrichDiez much appreciate, that did solve the issue, I usually only refresh the FNDB when I modify the list of directories. Please feel free to turn your comment into an answer and I will mark it as answered. Feb 7 at 9:51


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