I was trying to register the Minion Pro font family in OpTeX, for which I was guided by what was established for the EB Garamond font family, but I have not been successful. When doing so just create the file f-minionpro.opm similar to f-ebgaramond.opm (Change everything related to Garamond to Minion Pro, including the corresponding math font):

%% This is part of the OpTeX project, see http://petr.olsak.net/optex

\_famdecl [Minion Pro] \MinionPro {Based on Minion Pro}
    {\medium \semibold \caps \swash} {\rm \bf \it \bi} {minion-math}
    {\_def\_fontnamegen {[MinionPro-\_currV]:\_capsV\_swaV\_fontfeatures}}

 \caps ...... caps & small caps^^J
 \swash ..... alternative capitals for \it, \bi^^J
 \medium .... medium weight^^J
 \semibold .. semibold weight (only \bf, \bi are changed)^^J

\_moddef \resetmod {\_fsetV caps={},swa={} \_fvars Regular Bold It BoldIt }
\_moddef \medium   {\_fvars Regular Medium It MediumIt }
\_moddef \semibold {\_fvars Regular SemiBold It SemiBoldIt }
\_moddef \caps     {\_fsetV caps=+smcp;\_ffonum; }
\_moddef \nocaps   {\_fsetV caps={} }
\_moddef \swash    {\_fsetV swa=+swsh; }
\_moddef \noswash  {\_fsetV swa={} }

\_initfontfamily % new font family must be initialized

\_loadmath {[minion-math]}


See the file `f-heros.opm` for information about principles of such

The f-minionpro.opm file was placed in ./tex/optex/base and the fonts in ./fonts/opentype/public. Additionally, I entered the Minion Pro data to fams-ini.opm following what was written for EB Garamond.



OpTeX does not recognize the font, showing me the list of fonts that it does recognize. I guess I need to do some kind of update to get Minion Pro to be recognized by OpTeX. I also suspect that I must be missing something when making the .opm files. What is missing?

PD: When I placed f-minionpro.opm inside the project folder, the font was recognized but not found, even when the fonts were also inside the project folder.

PD: For the Minion Pro font, the same variants of the EB Garamond font were used (Medium, MediumIt, Semibold and SemiboldIt)

  • Tricky for me to test since Minion is a paid font, but the first step is to make sure that luaotfload is able to find the font. What do you get when you run luaotfload-tool --find="Minion Pro"? You should get something like resolve : Font "Minion Pro" found! [...] Resolved file name "some/path/minionpro-regular.otf". If you get Cannot find "Minion Pro" in index, then that means that luaotfload (and by extension OpTeX) can't find the font files themselves. Commented Feb 12 at 4:41
  • I get: Font "Minion Pro" not found
    – juanuni
    Commented Feb 12 at 4:50
  • Try running mktexlsr --verbose followed by luaotfload-tool --force --update -vvv (both as root if possible), then run luaotfload-tool --fuzzy --find="*Minion*". Does it find the files then? Commented Feb 12 at 4:55
  • 1
    As long as it's somewhere in your TEXMF trees, it shouldn't really matter where you put the files, but I'd recommend putting them in one of the locations listed by kpsewhich --expand-braces='{$TEXMFHOME,$TEXMFLOCAL}/fonts/opentype/adobe/minion/'. Make sure to run mktexlsr again after putting the files there. Commented Feb 12 at 6:10
  • 1
    Looks like only a mktexlsr was needed. Indeed, now I have another problem with \caps, but I guess I should open another question for that. I appreciate your time.
    – juanuni
    Commented Feb 12 at 6:24

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Resolved in the comments:

Looks like only a mktexlsr was needed. [...] – juanuni

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