\chemmove{\draw-,dashed..controls +(90:5mm) and +(90:5mm)..(O2);}
\chemmove{\draw-,dashed..controls +(270:5mm) and +(270:5mm)..(O3);}
\chemmove{\draw-,dashed..controls +(90:5mm) and +(90:5mm)..(O4);}
\chemmove{\draw-,dashed..controls +(270:5mm) and +(270:5mm)..(O5);}

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the "\lewis" command no longer works in ChemFig, use "\charge", check the chemfig manual. You didn't write the \lewis command correctly

I couldn't understand what you wanted to do with the "\draw" commands. Could you include an image of what your drawing should look like?

\chemfig{H-C(-[2]H)(-[6]H)-C(-[2]H)(-[6]H)-\charge{90=\:}{O}-H} \hspace{1cm} \chemfig{H-\charge{90=\:}{O}-H}

enter image description here

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