I am using a book as a reference for my modern geometry report. I cannot find the code for this symbol. What is it and where can I find codes for similar symbols, besides on Overleaf?

Enter image description here

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    Welcome to the TeX stackexchange! Can you share the title and author of the book, as well as the page number where you found this symbol?
    – Tommiie
    Commented Feb 12 at 13:00
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    Suggestion: Edit the title of your question to be more specific so that other users looking for the same information may be able to find it in the future. Something like "How to make an overline with open circle endpoints"
    – Sandy G
    Commented Feb 12 at 20:30

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If you need more flexibility you can use TikZ:

enter image description here

No argument \mybar{AB} creates open circles. Empty argument \mybar[]{AB} creates closed ones. You can also make colors such as \mybar[red]{AB}.



    \node[inner xsep=0pt, inner ysep=2pt](A){$#2$};
    \draw[{Circle[#1, width=2.5pt, length=2.5pt]}-{Circle[#1, width=2.5pt, length=2.5pt]}](A.north west)--(A.north east);


The segment can be open \mybar{AB} or closed \mybar[]{AB}.


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