In a related question regarding fontawesome the suggestion to be able to use \usepackage{fontawesome5} with TeX Live is to run sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-extra.

Yet, this wants to download 600MB and extract to 1.6GB on the drive!

We are running our LaTeX "builds" on a CI machine in the could and we do not want that machine to take up 1.6GB for a single (cool) font.

Question: Is there any way we can just install fontawesome5, not all texlive-fonts-extra, for TeX Live? Or do we really have to manually download and install it from CTAN?

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    If you would use vanilla texlive instead of the linux package, you could use tlmgr install fontawesome5 to install an individual package. Commented Mar 1 at 10:13
  • @samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz Thank you for your answer, I will have to look into that. As the command currently give me (running on Debian, switching to user mode!) ; (see /usr/share/doc/texlive-base/README.tlmgr-on-Debian.md) ; TLPDB: not a directory, not loading: /root/texmf ; tlmgr: user mode not initialized, please read the documentation! I will have to look at the documentation. Commented Mar 1 at 10:23
  • Don't use tlmgr if you use a linux texlive. Either install texlive from tug.org or have a look for already existing workflows. E.g. here is a github action example which uses zauguin/install-texlive@v3 and then install some packages from a list: github.com/josephwright/beamer/blob/main/.github/workflows/… Commented Mar 1 at 10:27
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    Use vanilla texlive on your local machine, then you can install packages individually (as an additional benefit you'll get a much more up-to-date version than in linux) Commented Mar 1 at 10:42
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    do you need pdflatex support (which is more complicated to install manually as you need multiple fonts and metrics and map files) or just luatex/xetex in which case all you need t do is install these ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/fontawesome5/opentype into your linux vm either by hand or probably there is an apt package separate from texlive just for the opentype font installed as a linux system font. Commented Mar 1 at 10:45


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