I am using pdfLaTeX and the gfsdidot package for my document.

According to the documentation,

The package provides also a matching small caps shape for both latin and greek including old style numbers.

I read a lot of related questions on this website, but I didn't find how to use old style digits for the whole document.



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    it doesn't look as if the package implement a default osf-option. You get old style numbers only if you use \scshape or \oldstylenums{123}. Commented Mar 2 at 18:04
  • @UlrikeFischer Is there a way to apply oldstylenums to all numbers without messing with active characters?
    – user316110
    Commented Mar 2 at 18:09

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Run it with lualatex:


   Extension = .otf,
  Numbers = OldStyle,
  BoldFont = *Bold,
  ItalicFont = *Italic,
  BoldItalicFont = *BoldItalic,

enter image description here

  • With your code, \textbf does not longer work
    – user316110
    Commented Mar 2 at 20:38
  • See edited code ...
    – user187802
    Commented Mar 2 at 20:54

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