I want to include some special Unicode string to my overleaf report. In particular the Straightness ⏤ (U+23E4), Cylindricity ⌭ (U+232D), Symmetry ⌯ (U+232F), and Electrical Arrow ⌁ (U+2301). However, it seems that these symbols are not supported by the default setting of overleaf.

I have tried many solutions suggested in the forum, but they are not applicable (or to my very limited knowledge about latex) for my case. I have tried to compile my document with Pdflatex, LuaLatex and XeLatex compilers, but I haven't achieved the goal.

Could you help me to include them into a document (scrbook) on overleaf? An alternative solution (with TikZit drawing) would also be fine. Thank you.

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If you compile with lualatex or xelatex you can directly use the symbols as long as your font has these symbols.

One example which works on overleaf (https://www.overleaf.com/read/wqppmhhqdndf#bc6bf0):

% !TeX TS-program = lualatex

\newfontfamily{\foo}{STIX Two Math Regular}


Straightness {\foo ⏤} (U+23E4)

Cylindricity {\foo ⌭} (U+232D)

Symmetry {\foo ⌯} (U+232F)

Electrical Arrow {\foo ⌁} (U+2301)


enter image description here


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