In LaTeX within Overleaf (Tex Live version 2022), I am using primarily \mathrsfso{} (in KaTeX I use \mathscr) to get a cursive script uppercase letter math font. These are often used in mathematics and in particular measure theory for representing the sets for spaces. I use the font styling to indicate this consistent meaning.

The following is the "cusrive script" font I am talking about where mathrsfs is the required package. mathscr{ABC} required package mathrsfs

I would like to also be able to use Greek uppercase letters in a similar cursive script math font, however \mathrsfso does not support them and after searching I have yet to find such a font.

Does a cursive script math font exist for uppercase Greek letters?

Ideally, the font would also include lowercase letters for more coverage than just the \vartheta and other var subset of lowercase Greek letters.

Example of cursive script uppercase and lowercase letters that I'm looking for in a font. enter image description here

Related question, but without any cursive capital letters: A Whole List of Math Fonts for Greek Letters in LaTeX?

I'm working through some from below, but no luck so far.

CTAN's topic for fonts that support typesetting Greek: https://www.ctan.org/topic/greek

Calligraphic and Handwritten font in the LaTeX Font Catalogue, though seems no uppercase Greek: https://tug.org/FontCatalogue/calligraphicalfonts.html

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I did more searching and I found a couple of somewhat calligraphic Greek fonts with uppercase Greek from this list: https://www.ctan.org/topic/font-greek

The list is for Greek fonts in general, not math fonts, and so some extra (cursed) work is required to use them as a one off command, such as $\greekscr{\Gamma \Pi \Theta \Psi \Phi}$.

This answer linked to the Greek font list I used and mentioned using mathastext on LGR-encoded Greek fonts. mathastext also mentioned lgrmath, which is an option supposed to be for a global single change to your default math font, rather than swapping "Math Versions" throughout the document as mathastext enables.

Miama (Nueva) : referenced in code as fmm


Calligraphic or handwritten script with Greek uppercase and lowercase letters. It is not as visually busy as the calligraphic style of mathscr from mathrsfs. miama nueva Greek uppercase and lowercase table of miama math letter to symbol

To get miama to work in my case I had to use both mathastext and lgrmath, because using mathastext alone did not work and I have no idea why. So here is my cursed hack that worked. I put the following in my preamble prior to \document and swapped Overleaf compiler to LuaLaTeX, which is required for lgrmath otherwise XeLaTex.

% Following 3 are unnecessary, but useful to know
%\usepackage[LGR,T1]{fontenc} %fontspec for LuaLaTeX or XeLaTeX

% scaled down to match size of other fonts.

\usepackage[subdued, LGRgreek, italic]{mathastext}
\newcommand{\greekscr}[1]{\Mathastextversion{greekfont} #1 \Mathastextversion{normal}}
% This has to come after mathastext, and yes, this is hacky.
\usepackage[font=fmm, alphabets]{lgrmath}

Calling $\greekscr{\Psi}$ now provides Greek script upper or lowercase. I noticed the lowercase letters are a bit smaller in scale than the uppercase.

If you use a local version with TexLive, this answer claims it works with mathastext alone and pdflatex compiler.



More like mathcal than cursive calligraphic or handwritten script, however rare enough to be worth sharing if someone prefers this style.

talos example of uppercase italic Greek talos example of lowercase italic Greek

I have yet to get this font to work in my Overleaf project. Probably due to fontsetup colliding with the namespaces of other font packages I have installed. It also requires LuaLaTex or XeLaTex compilers and is installed with \usepackage[talos]{fontsetup}

  • NVM. I thought I got \greekscr{} to only affect the encapsulated math characters, but apparently not, when looking throughout my document more. ATM I don't have a working solution with mathastext using these fonts in Overleaf. Also these fonts aren't styled as much as mathscr capital letters are. Seems the font doesn't exist atm.
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    Mar 17 at 1:51

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