I have to use a Font Awesome 6.5.1 icon which doesn't exist in Font Awesome 5 and, therefore, I cannot use the fontawesome5 package.

With LuaLaTeX, is it possible to use and, if so, how can I use a particular Font Awesome 6.5.1 icon with one of the Font Awesome 6 Brands-Regular-400.otf, Font Awesome 6 Free-Regular-400.otf and Font Awesome 6 Free-Solid-900.otf files freely provided by Font Awesome for the desktop?

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    just use \newfontfamily\faSIX{theotffont.otf} then you can use {\faSIX\symbol{"whateverhex}} Commented Mar 18 at 16:39
  • @DavidCarlisle Thanks but, while fc-list | rg Awesome returns, among others /usr/share/fonts/drakfont/otf/Font-Awesome-6-Free-Regular-400.otf: Font Awesome 6 Free,Font Awesome 6 Free Regular:style=Regular but, with \newfontfamily\faSIX{Font-Awesome-6-Free-Regular-400.otf} and {\faSIX\symbol{"e546}}, a lualatex runs returns “! Missing number, treated as zero. <to be read again> e l.51 {\faSIX\symbol{"e546}” Commented Mar 18 at 17:06
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    hex numbers need to be capital with " as in classic tex (luatex doesn't use fontconfig) use E not e Commented Mar 18 at 17:07

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just use fontspec and


then you can use {\faSIX\symbol{"whateverhex}} (hex numbers have to be uppercase, you could also use decimal (no ") or ^^^^hex (lowercase) or just type the character directly.

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