I'm testing unicode-math with LuaLaTeX but I miss the look of amsfonts blackboard bold letters like E, C R etc. Searching this site, I'm not the only one: 1, 2, 3. Many of the questions are quite old, so I think a new question is not out of place. Two answers by SE luminaries to the most similar question are 1 and 2 but both define \mathbb as not unicode compatible. This means that, for example, \mathbb E looks right, but copying it from the PDF will result in a regular E.

Is there a way to make it look like amsfonts \mathbb E but still copy as the character "š¯”¼"?

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    Which font are you using fot unicode-math? Mar 18 at 17:29
  • Find a unicode math font that has the look you want and replace the alphabet. That should work with copying, and if it does not, then you should file a bug report. (You could try newcomputermodern (book), maybe you like the blackboard bold alphabet in it.)
    – mickep
    Mar 18 at 17:29
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    you can try different fonts, which have you tried? NewComputerModern might be closer but see ncm doc section 14.3 they may change Mar 18 at 17:30
  • @DavidCarlisle - Since the OP uses unicode-math, they should use \symbb{E} instead of `\mathbb{E}.
    – Mico
    Mar 18 at 17:38
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    @Mankka \symbb is more correct (as it is a unicode shift, not a font change) but unicode-math makes \mathbb an alias for \symbb by default as it helps with moving things between pdftex and luatex (and users who never read the unicode-math doc so don't know about \symbb) Mar 18 at 19:43

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enter image description here

unicode-math/latin modern

enter image description here

unicode-math/Stix two

enter image description here

unicode-math/TeX Gyre Termes

enter image description here

unicode-math/New Computer Modern

enter image description here



%\setmathfont{STIX Two Math}
%\setmathfont{TeX Gyre Termes Math}
\setmathfont{New Computer Modern Math}




I guess you are looking for TeX Gyre or NCM.

  • Thank you! I should have tried more fonts before asking. I guess unicode-math is made for mix-and-match like \setmathfont{Latin Modern Math} followed by \setmathfont[range=\mathbb]{New Computer Modern Math}?
    – Mankka
    Mar 18 at 19:42

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