Is there by chance a math font resembling the sample equations in these trimmed images? enter image description here

enter image description here


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This seems to provide a decent emulation. You can possibly do better for the integral symbol.




\DeclareFontShape{U}{cmupint}{m}{n}{ <-> s*[0.8] cmupint}{}


$g_n$ is the coefficient of $x^n$ in the expansion of
\frac{x^{n+1}}{\{y_1(x+a)\}^2}\exp\Bigl[-\int_0^x up(u)\,du\Bigr].
It may happen that $g_n=0$ in which case $y_2(x)$ denotes
a logarithmic term.

\textbf{The Point at Infinity.}\quad In many problems


enter image description here

  • Thank you very much, I'll look into it. Me and my partner are trying to restore an old book by Ian Sneddon in LaTeX.
    – Conreu
    Mar 20 at 12:07

My Old version

enter image description here

\setallmainfonts{Old Standard}
, for there coordinates, Laplace's equation in the form
\[\frac{\partial^2\psi}{\partial \rho^2} +\frac{1}{\varrho}\frac{\partial\psi}{\partial\varrho}+\frac{1}{\varrho^2}\frac{\partial^2\psi}{\partial\phi^2}+\frac{\partial^2\psi }{\partial z^2}=0.\]


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