There are two authors in my PhD thesis's bibliography, say A. B. Smith and C. D. Smith.

The works by A. B. Smith are from the 1920s and 1930s and I cite him many times. The work of C. D. Smith is from 2002 and I cite him only once. But because of this work by C. D. Smith, whenever I write, e.g. \citeauthor{Smith1928}, \parencite{Smith1928}, and \textcite{Smith1928}, I get "A. B. Smith", "(A. B. Smith, 1928), and "A. B. Smith (1928)". I would like to get, instead, "Smith", "(Smith, 1928)", and "Smith (1928)". There is no ambiguity with C. D. Smith. On the occasion I cite C. D. Smith, however, I would like to get "C. D. Smith (2002)", not "Smith (2002)".

Ideally, I would like not to change my global settings for this. I would prefer to use new commands, such as \citeauthornoinitials{...}, \parencitenoinitials{...}, and \textcitesnoinitials{...}.

How could I do this? My biblatex settings are as follows:

\usepackage[sorting=nyt, style=authoryear-comp, backend=biber, uniquelist=false, maxbibnames=10, maxcitenames=2, doi=false, autolang=other, useprefix=true, datecirca=true]{biblatex}


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